Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hello again!

Hello my dear readers!
My replay comes a little bit later because I was a little bit busy and I didn't have time to write here and on your blog.
First of all I would like to thank you all for comenting here and have such a great blog. I start visiting blogs and I found a lot of intresting blogs. Last time I told you about (thank you for your kind comment). I would also like to recomand you the folowing blogs: - here I found out that Bill Gates is not the reachest man in the world. Poor Bill .... - here you found sme great pictures with some roses
Melinda - has some nice pictures blogs - here is a very nice picture. And also I just read an article about a criminal that start a lowsuit agains God for not protecting him agains devil. - here you find some nice "classic" music videos. - here you find some intresting comments
Sandy - has an intresting photo blog

Hope you will enjoy this blogs. Also, can you recommand me the blogs you are reading?I like reading blogs. They are a good way in learning eanglish and also i found out a lot of intresting thinks.


ira said...

Check out the blogs on my blogroll.
Some of them are really interesting.

Sean said...

Hey Linda just dropping by and checked out some of the blogs you posted, I hope the English is going well and you're having fun in the blog world. You should check out for photos, that's a great site for interesting pictures.
Stay well.

cafealaturca said...

Hi Linda, thanks for recommending my blog. Check out EduBlogs.Org
I just find out about this website and it might be helpful for you. Take care, drink Turkish Coffee.

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