Friday, July 6, 2007

Conquering the blogosphere

Hi there!
Yesterday I sterted visiting the "blogosphere". As far as I know, blogosphere is the word that define the totality of the blog on the internet.
I visit some intresting blogs. One of my problem is that I dont know where to start search for personal blogs, were people sharing opinions about life and life releated thinks. Also, would also like to see blogs about traveling.
At the end of the blog, I would like to give you a link to an intresting blog, that I visited yesterday:

I would also want to thank to the owner for beeing the first one that coment on my blog.
See you later!


Putesco said...

Good start! and thanks for the comment!

Linda said...

Thank you and I hope you will return from time to time on my blog;)

cinderfarkenrella said...

ahh, wow a special mention, i'll be sure to put you up on my blog too linda.. well done on keeping it up - your blog is getting lots of comments. x